Back to it!

Just finished directing a production of Footloose.  It took me away from this for a little while, but I’m back!  Super great progress today.  I finished a page in less than 4 hours, which is a HUGE step forward for me.
I thought I’d share an image from page 9 to let you know how things are going.


The Last Time We Hugged

So, tbh, this month was crazy rough.  Employment issues, car issues, “issue” issues, etc. 

That being said,  I am further ahead and happier than I’ve ever been with this project.  Every time I finish a page, I tape it to the wall of my office.  The wall is starting to fill up and it helps keep me motivated.There is a story that needs to be told, and I aim to tell it!!  

The blessing/curse of doing script and art is that I am learning so much more about these characters.  It is one thing to put words in their mouth, but quite another to see how those words impact physicality.  The hardest part is trying to “relearn” how to draw.  Muscles I haven’t flexed in some time. The brilliant results are, that the more I draw the faster I get and I’m learning how much speed is a factor.

Off to do more work.

Here is a little panel from page 7 of issue 1.


Finally getting back to work

It’s been a rough few months.  My mood and productivity has been down.  It’s taken a kick in the ass from life and the advice from a few good friends to get me back on track.  That being said, I am going back to the name Hood.  It is more fitting all around to the direction this project is heading.

More soon…


PS-  be on the look out for “Jane of the Seventh Star”  A sci fi adventure for your ear holes!